Please open this page from your Apple device and enter the details of your visa to save it on your Apple Wallet and have it handy all the time. Keep in mind that this digital wallet pass is not an official document and you should physically carry your visa with you while traveling.

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You can usually find this ID on the top-right section of the visa stamped on your passport. View Sample
*Optional: Upload the picture that you used on your visa. Acceptable formats are ".jpg" and ".png". Picture must be less than 20 Mb.


  • What if I have an Android device?

    You can download any app for wallet passes in Google Play Store. We recommend the app "WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet".

  • How many times can I generate my wallet pass?

    As many times and on as many mobile devices as you want.

  • What happens to the data that I enter here?

    Your wallet pass and picture are immediately deleted from our servers. We only keep your name, email, the type, issue and expiration dates of your document to send you a friendly reminder to renew it before it expires. You can request us to delete this data at any time.

  • How can I physically carry my eVisa with me while traveling?

    Besides having your eVisa on your mobile wallet, you also need to print your eVisa and have it on a paper with you while traveling.

  • Can I generate a wallet pass for other travel documents?

    Yes, just go to and enter all the information of your travel document.

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